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The authentic art is an original hand painting of Jino Oh's which is a unique art. Jino’s art is an emotional exploration of floral, color and abstract. This artwork is painted on professional grade heavy weight paper or Linen canvas. All arts sealed with multiple times toxic-free UV varnish and ready to hang with a wire hanger. A certificate of authenticity with Jino’s signature will be delivered to you with an original art. We will pack your art and a certification with great care using quality packing materials for art delivery safely.

Artist Jino Oh

What did ya draw? “As color goes!”

After graduating from art school, I spent majority of my time as an dvertisement creator. I had completely forgot about my ardor for art. With so much time to spare after retiring, I found myself going through the remnant objects my daughter had left behind after getting married and found her old art box. Instantly, I began to question myself. “Why don’t you have a single piece of your art on the walls of your house?” A flood of passion to create art again made my heart finally beat with eagerness. Perhaps it was delayed, but certainly not too late. And this was how my paintings began. I don't want to toil with the emotions of the picture. There is no reason to wrap the values and meanings of the work in difficult words. Whatever the story of the painting is, I want to leave it as a picture where the viewer becomes a docent. The dots, lines, and surfaces of color flow and bounce. As if they are trying to say that they feel alive and are happy.My work is complete. It's a piece that embodies the fun and energetic elements that I felt as I created it. The more I look at my art on the wall, the more I feel gratified.

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